Faces of Suffering

by Begotten Silence

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released January 21, 2016


all rights reserved



Begotten Silence Budapest, Hungary

BandCamp page of Begotten Silence, Bloodstained Melodeath from Budapest, Hungary.

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Track Name: Massacre Instinct

Harmony is an illusion
Kindness is traded for something else
Unknowingly we became the gears of greed and gluttony
Used by the treacherous minds of our "kings"

No humanity
No respect
Torture, agony, blood and tears
Instruments of the power hungry

Worthless evil bastard kind
Now we rise, now we slay

Triggered the hour has come
Torment they will inflict no more
Scream for the instinct is calling
Kill, kill, vengeance is here

Through wounds we are transformed
Into a mindless legion
Claws of iron, skins of titans
The thirst for blood will now be quenched

The slaves you thought you had controlled destroyed you...
Track Name: Escalate
I'm a worm feeding on the earth, crawling timelessly
I'm but a shadow of the dreams that I create
I exist not of what I wish to become
Will this creature find the willpower to evolve?

I desire the next level of this existence
The spark that takes me to the strength I've never seen
One hundred and one percent
Will this creature find the willpower?

Pushing limits, shifting levels, innovate
Desiring to become more, illuminate
Clenching fists and grinding teeth, I activate
Spread my wings, the time has come: Escalate

Open the doors
I feel pain and pleasure
I surpass my
Deepest fears, strongest feats
Track Name: Spectral Revelation
I wind up this music box that plays precious melodies
Of my childhood, brings a sea of memories
Lends its hand to me: a powerful seduction
Lays submission near revelation

What is this strange noise radiating from the walls
Of this relic? Please don't die, I'll heal your scars
Blood is flowing from what used to be my best friend
Why must you leave? These wounds I cannot mend

Wake up...
Sanity calls...

An ancient mansion takes me to the depths
Of its barren core, my feet move by themselves
Winds are whispering dire and desperate warnings
Freezing solitude protects my marching

One of the chambers holds a humble treasure
Small and familiar with a shining lever
Turning the old key scatters the tune I demand
These walls, this bleak place: My buddy, my precious friend

Crawling in the dirt
Beneath darkness and cold
Treading through inches of
Intense agony

Rising up high
To the world above
Blinding sunlight
Cleanses, cages my thoughts, my corpse

Among the ruins I reach for the room
That sheltered me in my youth
Serenity stops, someone's knocking
Could it be life? Or could it be... death?

"A hard path leads to joy"?
You have deceived me
"A hard path leads to joy"?
You have betrayed me

I deny you
Track Name: Maggot Injection
The night was dark, gloomy and weird...

The maggot's burrowing inside
Feasting on the insanity
Its movement is searing my brain
Spreading decay, taking over

A patient healthy and strong
Covered in sweat, mumbling muteness
Moments left from the terror
The operation begins

Shackled down in this place
Hundreds of piercing screams (*2)

The creature shows me a nightmare
A dreadful, restraining vision
Puts the scalpel in my hand
In spite of my kindness you will die

Blood is gushing, entrails burst
The darkness stares at the kill
I am one with lunacy
The clashing of the tools comes to an end
Track Name: The Canvas of Torment
Waking up in a room filled with dirt and debris
What day is it? Does the Sun shine or does it not?
Rising on slim legs I wander helplessly
Is there anything for me besides sorrow and pain?

No joy, no smile, only sadness fills my mind
In the mess there is an old blade watching me
Inviting, tempting me to hold it firmly
Enter my body, ease my suffering

Spill my blood, soothe this life
Paint the canvas
Rend the flesh, give me bliss
The picture is complete

With a smile on my face, thickly covered in scars
I meet my destiny, as a twisted mess
An eerie figure with wretched pleasures
Finished the artwork: a sculpture of torment
Track Name: Szunnyadó
Azt hitted egyedül vagy?
Azt hitted nem vagyok?
Részed vagyok, benned lakok
Én, a rohasztó métely

Hamis búcsút suttogsz
Remegve hesegetsz
Némán derülök
Csendesedj most

Görnyedve köszönöm, hogy otthont adtál
Groteszk vágyaimnak nyújtasz melegágyat

Takarodj, áruló! Eleget mérgeztél
Karjaidban miért hagyod, hogy elvérezzek?

Eleget könnyeztél
Eleget szólt a harang
Gyenge lelked vámpírja
A félelmedre szomjazik

Emelem poharam
Kitartó gazdámra
Halott sóhajára
Gyászos temetésére

Az aratást elkezdem...

Számtalan sikoly és számtalan meddő
Kapálózás nézi végig ahogy elmúlsz
Semmivé teszlek, mélyről emésztelek
Ahogy belém bújik minden szenvedésed

Szenvedésed, szívverésed
Haldokló léptekkel otthonomba költözik
Királyom, apám: örökséged fogom
Zord valódként felegyenesedem
Track Name: The Engine of Hate
Once we're phantoms, now we're not, the mirror image of us all
Torturing me for some time triggers a lock inside
Flowing through my arteries - a black force unknown by all
Collected the bones inside releasing a destroyer

Ripping everything to pieces, maiming, killing, utmost terror
All you know is left to burn, one with loathe
Venomous hate stabs the sky raining blood upon mankind
All is broken, all is dying, screaming, weeping, echoes churning

Ignorant creature, your instincts will kill you
Feeding my anger desires suicide
Flowing through my troubled brain - million methods to torture
Lying, peacefully waiting till the time is finally up

Engine of hate
Track Name: Omnipresent
Onto this world bring me a force
Shrouded and blessed, everliving
Cast down memories of bliss
Let go those of pain

Hear my call, mighty one
Since you're in all matter
Bring yourself to this
Open door and kingdom

These claws reach the skies
These hands pulse with life
Everywhere the glance
Turns the body

Spawn constant evolution
Grow besides my core
Give birth to the voices beneath my skull

Strengthen me, dear companion
Strike through this layer
Of parallel worlds laid on this earth

Engineer channels
Of transformation
Blend into minutes
Embody events

All-seeing and watching
Being incarnate
Within all our souls
Track Name: Vörös Béklyó
Rideg szelek fújnak rejtélyesen, a szertartások egymás után jönnek
Elmém pirkad, mozdulataimra mindent látó szemek figyelnek

A hûség áramlata elevenít - ingaként lendít, keményen markol
A láncaim egyre nehezebbek, lépten-nyomon belém hasít az alázat

Mindent lát, bilincsel

Az éj csendje ölel, testem szunnyad
Álmomban több helyre teszek kézlenyomatot
Minden erénnyel egyesülök
A rögös utat két érdes kézzel kisimítom és büszke fõvel nézem
Eddig volt a táncom apró és erõtlen, megnyílnak a kapuk ahogy beépülök

De mi ez a zaj?
Sikolyok kórusa
Egy fekete jelkép izzik az oltár fölött
Vér és kín fûti a gépet
A felismerés hegeket ver rám

Az éj sötétje fagyos ujjakkal
Tépi ki a fejembõl halk víziómat
Üres irhaként vet a mélységbe

Világtalanul hajtom a rabigát
A testvéreim a verejtékemmel
Festik a falakat az ördög kastélyán
Az élet sakk-mattja homlokomat bélyegzi

Gyászos viszláttal elengedem a gerincemet alkotó rózsaszín ködöt
Track Name: Begotten Silence
A dark haze creeps over the world
Forged from many

Violent determination
Breeds an unfathomable force
Shapeless, sleepless
Never stopping

The cold touch reaches everything that lives

Embrace a grim dimension
Created by demented wills
Engulfing, spectacular
Senseless destruction

Out-of-this-world rampage
Unchained horror
Darkness that swallows
Every inch of the Earth

Almost beautiful
Killing peacefully
This veil of a million
Pains will complete its fate

... will complete its fate

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